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The classic Russian receptions of invigoration and productive rest are founded in the work of our spacious teil-log sauna with the honey aroma.

Skilled qualified personnel serve to you:

they know all the techniques of bath-house procedures and old-Russian massage.

Complex usage of the constitutional opportunities of fito-, thermo-, hydro- therapy under Russian bath-house conditions.

Large variety of vegetable material for preparing different besoms, teas and kvass.

Two bath-house complexes work for you.

At your service (in every complex):

We will prepare healthful steam gathered from the mixture of fresh pine-needles, hay and sweet-scented herbages, salt and essential oils, beer, kvass and various of decoctions;

The unique air in dining room will be formed by the usage of great amount of hay, fresh pine-needles and grass;

Russian bath slippers, felt hats and special mittens for massage made of wool;

Opened pool;

Colored terry and cotton bath towels;

Great variety of besoms;

Hot warming with the use of besom followed by grinding of body with ice;

Massage and Grinding of body and head with the mixture of salt, mustard powder, different sorts of honey and light beer;

Final birch & soap massage with the usage of birch besoms and special mittens for massage made of natural fibers;

Birch & soap massage with the usage of birch besoms and special mittens and the following warming up on the shelf;

Healthful, restorative, sports, treaty massage after warming on the shelf;

Massage of the head, back, neck, legs and arms, general massage of the hole body;

All the procedures for children under 10 are free!!!

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